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The golden rule

In another installment of "How to win friends and influence others", hold on tight...I'm bound to shake the tree with this one. Some of you might even choose to stop reading my blog. To that, I smile, crack a beer and gleefully say: Good fucking riddance.

You can't fake good kids, right? I look at my two kids and literally swell with pride.  They are great kids who are turning into thoughtful, caring adults. The world is lucky to have these two in the game. What's more, I get compliments on them all the time. Good friends, trusted advisors, and respected peers have all made the comment to me that "you can't fake good kids".  Hell, some of these people even ask me how my wife and I do it? How did we pull it off? In a world full of hate, how are we raising such good kids? After a sincere "thank you", I generally chalk it off to my wife and I just requiring them to have good old fa…

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