First Cast

"So just let me introduce name is Humpty, pronounced with an Upmpty.  All the bloggers in the top-ten...please allow me to bump thee.  I'm steppin tall y'all, and just like humpty dumpty you're gonna fall when the internet pumps me"

Let's get something straight right now: I am NOT afraid to take lyrics from 80's hip hop songs and alter them gratuitously to make myself feel cool.  I am also a frustrated fisherman who likes to write.  The Wisconsin Inland Trout season has just closed, and frankly, I need something else to do.

Whew!  Glad to get that out of the way.  Now...on to business.  Liking to fish, and liking to write about fishing does not give me any excuse to go global with my stories.  No, it most certainly does not.  But, the fact is: an internet connection, a computer, and an opinion are all the criteria a person needs to become a "blogger" these days.  So, with a wink of my eye, and a twitch of my nose...up the cat 2 cable I rose.  Pow.  Bam.  Poof.  ....and....with a simple press of the handy dandy "Enter" button.....I am now a "Blogger".

Move over Arianna Huffington.  MacLoosh just joined the club.

So what will I "blog" about?  Well...mostly fly fishing and (my "other" new found obsession) fly tying.


I will try to sprinkle in a little bit of this and that just to make it all smell pretty.  Parenting has offered me a healthy slice of humility and new way of seeing things too.  So much so, that occasional snippets of parenting by the seat of my pants should liven things up nicely.

Relax.  I'm not going to post every picture I take of my kids.  I'll only post the REALLY embarrassing ones.  (You know...the ones they won't want their boyfriend or girlfriend to see.  EVER)  And I will be sure to put their real  names with the photos just so "Google-ing" them later in life is MUCH easier.

Oh...and I work in the fire service.  As an inspector.  (you can stop snickering now) So an occasional rant on the absurdity of my chosen career path from time to time isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

So with that, if you don't like the content, go ahead and send me a nasty email.  I might even post it.  Delete my blog address from your browsing history and then do the good old fashioned thing and write your congressperson or senator.  I am sure they will care.  Especially if it's an election year.

If you like what you read...let me know that too.

And thanks for reading.  This should be fun!

My weapons of choice: G Loomis reel and St. Croix Imperial (4wt) Rod.  Booya!

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