Of mice and deer hair

Cute?  Um...sure...I guess..

Pretty sure I've mentioned that big trout eat mice.  Well, I am not such an accomplished angler that I can wax poetic about all of my success using mouse patterns under the cover of darkness.  But...I have been busy down in the lab preparing.  My time will come.  And when it does, I will be armed to the teeth with a whole pile of mouse patterns.

Well, unbeknownst to my family...the trip to the local petting zoo/kid trap/vegetable market secretly turned into a fly tying reconnaissance mission.  In the midst of looking at all the overfed goats, I was suddenly fascinated by an outdoor rabbit "display" that was almost completely overrun by field mice.

Brazen little guys.  And a lot of them. 

The side of me that doesn't like bugs, is also a bit weary of mice.   They are dirty, carry disease and generally not a welcome sight.  But from a safe distance, and with the help of a zoom camera...they are kinda interesting to watch.

More than that, they provided me with a visual reference from which to base some deer hair mouse patterns.

I had created a couple of mouse patterns that were based off of memory of the mice that I have encountered in my life.  No actual reference specimens that were running around my house (that I am aware of)--thank god, but now I have a whole pile of pictures of the these guys to work from..

I was fairly happy to know that I have not been too far off with my first fake mouse, but now with actual visual references (that won't poop on my kitchen counters) I think I can build an even better mouse..

Macloosh's Mouse Pattern  Version 1.0

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