**It appears that the writing staff here at the MacLoosh Chronicles is vexed by an issue tonight.  Going from a picture of Budha in one post, to what you are about to read just  doesn't seem quite right.  We agree, but sometimes a little venom is warranted.  We promise to put our fangs away after this and return to the regularly scheduled programming.

Knowledge is power.  

Or so Sir Francis Bacon said.   Well, I guess he would have known…being the father of empiricism and an early revolutionary in scientific theory that he was..

I can’t help but wonder if SFB knew how this simple, elegant and truthful quote would be interpreted in the modern age?  I mean really, who doesn’t want power?  With power comes privilege.  With power comes status. With power, you can literally stomp on the psyche of all of those pesky idiots around you.

Well, congratulations power hog.  You must be terribly proud of yourself.  By hoarding the things you’ve learned, keeping secrets and sharing that knowledge you’ve gained with no one…you, my friend, have gained power.

God.  That must feel good.  REALLY good.    I can’t imagine how great it must be to demoralize everyone around you in an effort to keep that power trip a rollin’.

But I offer you this:  Be careful.  Those toes you intentionally step on might just be the ones you need later on in life. 

Those of us down here in the trenches getting kicked around?  Yeah, remember us?  That’s OK if you don’t because we will remember you .

What goes around, comes around.

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