Special Lego Fly Edition

I suppose the ultimate goal of creating a "blog" is readership.  No sense in doing it if no one reads, right?  (Well, there is a certain amount of catharsis experienced by the author...but I digress...)

I learned recently that there is a reader out there who seems to enjoy my musings and photos more than most. Bryn--this one is for you.  I have heard you like fishing.  I have heard you like Legos and I already knew you were one heck of a good soccer player.

We have similar tastes, so I dug into the archives and brought out a few pictures that I thought you might like.  Enjoy....  (and maybe some time you will come over and ties some flies with me and G-man.  We'd both like that)

Fire Fly

George S. Patton : "Better to fight for something than live for nothing" Fly

And..finally....the 2011 Halloween "Lego Zombie" edition Fly

One last pic for this group...here is my partner in crime.  The "true" creative force behind several of my most original creations.  (stay tuned...he has VOLUMES of work to show off as we go)

G-Love rockin' a San Juan Worm!  (me so proud...)

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