Spent some much needed time in the lab today.   

My mind hasn't been quiet enough in the last month or so to really get anything accomplished at my vise, but today, for no real good reason at all--I was able to clear it out.

It's funny, the mind.  In order to do something that relaxes me, first I have to be able to settle down enough to actually do it.  This conundrum leads me to a deep, and somewhat troubling question (that I will not try to answer tonight):

Assuming the brain is the physical vessel, and the "mind" is the spiritual vessel: Which one is actually in control? 

See how it goes with me? Suddenly a quote by Salvador Dali seems quite appropriate:  
"The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad"

Anyway...philosophical rumblings and disturbed artists aside, at least I was finally able to tie up some nymphs.  It sure felt good.

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