Kids and Fly Fishing

In the spirit of conservation, and genuinely doing something positive for our future...I have a proposition: 


Don't have kids?  Borrow one.  There are ALWAYS parents out there who would willingly give up a few hours with their kid (s) to let you take them outside.

It's true, I am part and partial to fly fishing...but fishing in general is an amazing way to help open your kids eyes to the environment around them.  (No...I do NOT consider the internet or "virtual" world an appropriate definition of environment.  Sorry)

But it is as simple as going out into your back yard and checking out all of the critters that are there.  Take them for a hike!  For reference, I live in the very definition of "suburbia"...but there are so many opportunities to get outside right here in the Un Forest that it boggles the mind.

Realizing that it is sometimes hard to figure out where to go, or what to do...Here are some resources for you (in the ultimate act of hypo criticism...they are web links)

Olive the Wooley Bugger

Take Kids Fly Fishing

Reel Kids (Madison WI)


US Fish & Wildlife Service-Kids

Take Me Fishing . Org

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