Tis the season...

Pretty sure I've mentioned my weakness for roadside attractions...well, every year around the holiday season, I make at least one, if not multiple trips to western Illinois to visit family.

For at least the last 15 years or so, there is a house in Cross Plains that has, annually, upped the ante on seasonal decorations.  It has become something I expect to see, and am strangely comforted by.  Words don't really do it justice, so here are a couple of pictures:

Pretty sure I have also mentioned the ever patient Mrs. MacLoosh....Well, here is a candid shot of her while I dodged traffic to take the above pictures tonight.  (With one of the little MacLooshkins looking on from the back seat)

Please note the slightly amused, and not quite irritated...but with a hint of "you are an idiot" look written on her face.  God I love this woman!

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