Christmas Eve Hike

mmm...fishy water...
Christmas eve day.  30 Degrees.  Bright sunshine.  Snow.  And my two favorite kids.

Really, what could be better?  (Well...I kinda wish Mrs. MacLoosh had joined us, but she chose to have a little quiet time around the house.  Can't blame her for that!)

Got the "Bean" out for her first winter hike today.  At 5, she is really just getting old enough to enjoy it,  On HER terms.  Well, whatever it takes, right?  I want her to grow up with a deep appreciation of the outdoors.  So, we bundled her up in her all pink snow pants, pink coat, rainbow colored hat, purple boots, pink gloves and finally, pink "Barbie" sunglasses, and then took her out into the woods.

Have tree, will climb.

Her cagey, experienced outdoors-man older brother took the lead and taught her to not be afraid, and that is OK to explore, climb trees and generally enjoy the walk.

I was very proud of both of them.

He was also quick to help me point out to her a couple of whitetail deer laying down, a muskrat, 2 Downy woodpeckers, and one very busy fox track.

Of course...a lot of fresh air and exercise is hopefully a recipe for children to get some gooooood solid DEEP sleep tonight.

I hear Santa still has some work to do to get ready.  I also heard that Mrs. Claus picked up a bottle of vino to help him and her get through those duties.  Sure do love me some Mrs. Claus!

Anyway, this was possibly the best way to spend a Christmas Eve day ever! (Still rockin' some warm fuzzies...)

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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