D.I.Y. (or...more proof that MacLoosh is cheap...)

I'm either very inventive and creative, or more likely; I'm cheap.

Either way, lately I always seem to be trying to "make my own", rather than buy it.  I'd like to tell you that I am the type of guy who is just so "handy" that I just build the things I need to get the job done.  But the reality is that I am a former bicycle shop employee who understood that the usual markup on accessories was somewhere in the 150-200% range.

Don't misunderstand...I am not against bike shop owners making a living (and believe me, most of those guys are probably just eeking out a modest living..if that).  I get it, but that doesn't really help my distaste for paying more than twice the actual cost for the little things that make a sport even more fun.

Price notwithstanding, I am still kind of a "Gadgety" sort....so I like the little extras.

This has carried over into fishing.  I like gear.  But with all due respect to the fly shops out there who are offering AMAZING services and products...the older I get, the less likely I am to spring for those little extras.

Well, OK.  The fact that my wife has taken a deep cut in pay recently, and we just don't have disposable income that we used to have probably has *something* to do with my sudden frivolity.

Either way, I've been on a terror this year making my own gear.

It kind of started with the beginner's fly tying kit I received for father's day, but has continued on into other aspects of fishing.  For those out there who read regularly, a couple of posts ago I was talking about a broken 5wt rod.  Well, partially at the suggestion of Blake over at Illinois Wisconsin Fishing and the creator of 365 Fish , I turned that rod into either a 8' 5wt instead of a 8'6" 5wt....or....an 8' Tenkara rod.  I haven't completely decided yet, but it is definitely worth a little time and effort to rehab it.

Most recently, I have been interested in the simplicity of carrying a minimal amount of equipment on the stream.  The goal is to occasionally go out with relatively little baggage, yet fish what I did bring along with absolute efficiency.  (Stay tuned... this has all the makings of lots of misadventures and thus; good writing material....)

Anyway, here is my latest creation.  The MacLoosh Lanyard version 1.0

I am certainly no Dick Proenneke ("Alone in the Wilderness"), but then again...I'm not in Alaska, and I don't have to build my own cabin or make my own utensils by whittling either.

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