Therapy: MacLoosh style.


It isn't the first snow of the year...but it is the one that counts.  Right before Christmas, and even more poignantly...on the first full day of winter.  It is beautiful and brings a sense of calm to the world.

Even though the winter solstice has already come and gone, and winter's days are now officially is good to see the snow.  

Winter can be a little long around the MacLoosh mansion, and we all get a bit cagey, but a good old fashioned fresh layer of the white stuff is refreshing and offers some relief from the drab brown of a cold snow-less landscape.

Of course the very best thing about snow is going outside with my kids, packing the perfect snow ball, waiting for them to realize that I have just packed the perfect snowball...and then firing that perfect snowball directly into the back of a fleeing, screaming child!

Added bonus points are awarded if the child falls down after being hit while trying to escape the barrage.

Holy crap!  Do I ever feel better!

Go ahead, visit your therapist.  Take your Prozac and listen to Delilah on the radio. For me, the therapeutic value of absolutely whooping your kids with snowballs simply cannot be overstated.

As they giggle and skitter about from tree to tree in an effort not to get hit again; I reload and fire as fast as I can.

The release of stress and tension from a long winter that has technically just begun is worth it's weight in gold...

Yeah, yeah...big deal.  I'm nearly 41 and together they don't add up to half my age, so I suppose I have some sort of advantage...but...big deal.  Get over it.  Life is tough.

 And to top of the therapy session, it is only appropriate to warm up with a well deserved glass of red wine.

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