Warm fuzzies

I've been on a 'cutback' of sorts.

So the beer in this photo is the first I've had in a long time.  And possibly the best beer I have ever had.  If absence makes the heart grow fonder, then abstinence makes the beer taste better.

Today was a big day in the MacLoosh house.  We went a Christmas tree huntin' (Grizwald style)--complete with problems keeping the tree from falling off of the family truckster, made homemade pizza (also a "treat"), and then decorated the house for the holiday.

It's funny...the way a Christmas tree makes the house cozy and brings on the good feelings.  They are many, and warm indeed.  

But as I think about this little tribe of mine...especially during this season, an ornament that my daughter made last year seems to bring the biggest smile to my face.

In an odd way...I think it is the perfect symbol of the MacLoosh clan during the holidays.

Norman Rockwell...eat your heart out.

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