Contents under pressure

I grew up when David Lee Roth had a hit single called "Crazy from the Heat".  A true fan of everything that Diamond Dave represented, I loved that tune.  But methinks that winter is when the truly crazy turn pro.

It's been a looooong week here at the MacLoosh mansion.  To recap, I'll start with today:  C-day.  Procedure day.  Appointment day.  Whatever.

I had my dreaded colonoscopy today.  Glad to have it behind me.  (Ha! get the pun??  BEHIND??  Ya ya...thanks, I'll be here all week.  Please tip your doctor well....)  Anyway, I'll spare you the details, and instead let your imagination run wild as you try to conjure up mental images of how much fun those procedures truly are.

To break up the tension, the always resourceful Mrs. MacLoosh proceeded to make fun of me at every opportunity.  She even made a video of herself badgering me in the pre-op room.  Sorry...not going to post the video, but the conversation went something like this:

Mrs. MacLoosh:  (Giggling) State your name and why you are here.
Me:  Turn it off.
Me: Turn it off.  NOW.
Me: Turn it off.  If this ends up on Facebook, you're dead.
MM:  Aw baby...why you so grumpy?  (Shit eating grin) now, STATE YOUR NAME AND WHY YOU ARE HERE.
Me:  You know my name, and I'm here to get my ass probed.  Now, turn it off.

No kids.  He isn't dead.  He just wishes he was.
And so it went until the nurse came in to whisk me away.  But not before I lightened up a bit and we got in one shot for the kids.

Aside from totally inappropriate hospital behavior, the week was stressful.  It seems that stress is good for my creative side.  A little angst in my mood, and my mind starts in with the ideas.

So, I did manage to get in some time in the lab too.  It was, quite literally, an act of survival on my part.  The winter is closing in fast, and I had this damn "procedure" hanging over my head, so I purposefully sequestered myself.  Part personal survival, part on behalf of my was just best to be alone as much as possible.

Turned out to be fairly productive time.  In a fit of creative (or nervous) energy, the idea of a "lazy Susan" tool caddy was spawned.   An emergency trip to the local Ace Hardware was made and the race was on to get the project done as I was drinking the "prep" for the procedure.  A gallon of a horrid mix called "Go-Lytely".

The irony of the name has not escaped me.  But take my word for it...when that stuff gets its claws into is game on.  Everything else comes to a screeching halt.  If you've been through this, you understand.

If you haven't, here is Rule #1:  Don't fart because there is a quart of shit coming right behind it.

So anyway, the tool caddy took its first form.  Just in time, too.  With 'Go-Lytely' on board, by the time you mutter "Uh-Oh" had better be on the move.  The caddy?  It is a little rough, but it works.  What can I say? I was under pressure.  I think there will be design revisions to come, and a probable paint job for the whole work station, but for now...I'm happy with it.  Especially considering the circumstances.

Tool caddy, version 1.0 
Til later...


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