Sunday, January 22, 2012


When I was in college, my buddies and I did a lot of what we called "pre-gaming".  I'm old enough to have lost track of the current terminology for this, but here is the idea:  We would drink enough to get us headed in the direction we wanted to go for the evening...and then, when properly lubricated, we headed out to the bars.  This gave us the maximum potential for fun, and helped erase any of those pesky feelings of self confidence that we might normally have had.

Fast forward 20 years.  Wait...did I just say 20 years?!  OH.MY.GOD.   I've gotten old...

(Thankfully) I have passed that point in my life where I need to drink like that, so my version of pre-gaming has morphed into off season trips to the local water.  I start them sometime around Christmas, and spend time re-acquainting myself with the places that I fish the most.  By the time the season starts, I am properly primed.

Mmmm...fishy water.....
 Yesterday was one of the first trips.  20 degrees, bluebird skies, fresh layer of powder on the ground, and water that is gin clear.  The big benefit is that since I can't fish, stealth isn't an issue.  In fact, walking right up to the water, and letting my shadow fall spooks all the fish into the deepest hole.  And I watch.  There they are, all bunched up and easy to see.

Since I had the MacLooshkins with me, it was also a good chance to put my glasses on their faces and point out the current (and apparently healthy) population of fish.  Will they grow up to be stewards of the waters or accomplished fly fishers?  One can only hope, but I figure if I get them hooked while they are young, the odds will be better than average.

So it was a great outing.  Lots of fish spied, kids got some fresh air, and my appetite for the upcoming season has been stoked.

It was also motivational.  I went home, and tied up a shitload of nymphs.  Mostly pheasant tails, but a few other "one offs" just to see if they work.

Fish spooking, MacLooshkin style...
Til later...


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