When in doubt, post pictures

Ahhh....a favorite pool on the home water  ( I stopped by for a visit the other day.  You know, just to say "hi" )
Writing a blog is funny.  Not hilarious funny.  Nope, it is a weird kind of funny.  

I started out the day with this great idea for a post in my mind.  Full of piss and vinegar and spiced with plenty of black coffee, it was going to be witty, educated, and possibly the most creative thing you have read since yesterday.  But then, the day had its way with me.  

Fast forward, and here I am at 9:40 at night, just had to fight to get my overtired kids to bed so I could have just a few minutes of silence before I collapse, and my great post from earlier in the day just isn't going to make it to the light of day.  I am officially spent.

With that, here are a couple of creations from some recent time in the lab (Please take special note of that one of a kind, Mississippi driftwood):

The Pink Squirrel-Bling Remix  (For those times when a *normal* pink squirrel just isn't quite enough)
For what amounts to no good reason at all...I thought a home brew popper or two were in order.  This one was inspired by  my 5 year old daughter.  No.  She's not colorblind.
She was actually quite clear on the colors I was allowed to use.

I don't actually know what this one is supposed to be called, but it was very effective for me last year when nothing else seemed to work.  So I tied some more.

Oh, and I did tie up a bunch of eggs, including a "hot glue" version that I picked up from the message boards at 365Fish, but for unknown reasons I forgot to take pix.  Sorry.

Til next time...fins up!


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