Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

...Oh, who really gives a shit anyway?!

Bajillionaires patting billionaires on the back.  Patronizing each other on how ridiculously expensive their outfits and borrowed jewelry are.  Trying desperately to remember (through a haze of alcohol) the names of all those little people they relied on to MAKE them look so pretty.  Attempting, by way of a very big production, to show the world how truly important and relevant they are.

Hollywood.  It's not my thing. I am just not really into it, I guess.

So my choices tonight were: Go down to the lab and tie some flies, or sit on the couch with my kids and catch up on my blog reading with the Oscars on in the background.  I was headed to the lab (with visions of soft hackles in my mind) when something caught my eye. With no small amount of honesty, I have to admit that J-Lo's cleavage was suddenly the deciding factor.

All I gotta say is damn..

So, while hoping that a certain actress's boob falls out of her dress, I am now comfortable typing away in the afterglow of a FANTASTIC fish scouting expedition with my son today.

At this moment, we are less than one week from the start of the 2012 Early Catch and Release Trout season in Wisconsin.  And,  I.AM.STOKED.

The fish were plentiful and active, the water was clear, midges were flying, the temps were perfect and it was just damn nice to be out.

Photographic evidence of Sasquatch?!  Nah. Just G-Love. 
In a rare act of brevity...I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum and let a couple of pictures tell tonight's story.

Yep.  Pretty sure big daddy Salmo Trutta lives here...
Looks fishy to me.
Old lunker structures never die.  They just fade away.  Slowly.

See you on the water next weekend!  (and by the boobs yet.  bummer.)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ego deflation and fly tying

In our home, my wife and I have brought the sport of ego deflation to a whole new level.  In short, we pick on each other.  It is what we do. It is like a game of chess...weakness will be exploited and heaven help you if you aren't on your game.

I love her dearly, and wouldn't change us for the world...but sometimes...this can be absolutely brutal.

So I should have known what was coming when I proudly plopped a size 20 CDC Blue Winged Olive out of my vise and said "Oh, HELL yeah!  This one came off really well!  What do you think?  How does it look?"

My wife.  My beautiful wife, looked it over for a full half of a second, turned to me with a deadpan gaze and said (with that mocking look that only a spouse can give and get away with)..."It's nice.  It looks like a hook with belly button lint stuck to it.  You must be so proud of yourself".

Then she allowed herself a half a grin, and quietly went back upstairs.

Now, I would sure like to think of myself as a fairly balanced sort of fella who doesn't get bent up too easily...I'd also like to think I am pretty quick on my feet with comebacks, but in essentially 2 short, expertly placed sentences, Mrs. MacLoosh had completely dismantled a relaxing session in the lab.

Something tells me that this was payback for only pretending to like the new shoes she bought today, and pointing out that she hadn't REALLY saved any money on them.  Rather, she had spent money on them.

Yours in marital bliss....


Friday, February 17, 2012

This is Bad Axe!

  Funny how you plod along, going out to streams, rivers, lakes that are far from home because the local water just isn't as "interesting".

I've noticed this behavior as I cruise websites and blogs too.  I started out reading the "big" blogs like Singlebarbed, The trout underground, Buster Wants to Fish, etc...that were out there and well established.  The assumption was that there wasn't anything really cool going on locally...if there was...I'd know about it.  Right?

I still go out to some of the far away stuff on the internet...I mean really...who can resist Moldy Chum's Friday Pin-Up?  But more and more, I am drawn to anything with a local flair.  (No...that doesn't mean "local" pin-up go ahead Mrs. MacLoosh, you can sit back in your seat again...)

Local/regional fishing, writing  and art somehow feels more real to me.  Relevant.  You know?

So I have turned most of my attention to finding out more about those who I actually might see on the stream.  Or at the local fly fishing show.

Turns out...there are some seriously talented folks--right here in my own back yard.

One such character is probably best known by his art.  And strangely enough, he and I live close enough to practically throw a football between our homes.

Distance from me notwithstanding...his art is FANTASTIC!

If you haven't heard of BadAxeDesigns already....You will.  I would be willing to bet that his art gets him noticed in some pretty big circles.  He is darn talented, is clearly devoted to fly fishing.  Best of all....he is creating from right here in the middle of Wisconsin!

So I am challenging you to to check out Jonathan Marquart's works at BadAxeDesign !  Like him on his Facebook page, Follow him on Twitter, and look for him on a stream near you!

With Jonathan's permission, I've sprinkled this post with a couple of examples of his excellent work!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Kirby the fly

After using my fly tying desk to tear apart, clean and rebuild parts of my beloved Kirby Heritage 84 vacuum cleaner, I needed to clean my work space up.  Then, It occurred to me that "the lab" was looking a little too clean.  Unused even.  So, while the kids watched Ice Age 2 for the 17 billionth time, I tied a couple of flies that are completely useless.   You know, just to mess the lab back up and make it look like I actually know what I am doing.

I call it Kirby.

No recipe for this one, other than to say: Mix equal parts winter madness with whatever you have laying around.  Tie on hook.  Take pictures on genuine Mississippi River driftwood.  Post on blog.

Til later....


Sunday, February 12, 2012

The truth is...

...I would walk to the end of the earth for my kids.  The boy half of the MacLooshkins seems to get more play here on the MacLoosh Chronicles than the girl half.

Don't let that fool you.  The girl half has me (as her mom will tell you) wrapped around her cute little fingers.  She just has different interests than fly fishing, and those interests are sometimes hard to translate to a blog that is supposed to be about fishing.  

What truly warms me up from the inside is that she is ever present, and even if I am busy tying flies in the basement, she cozies up, messes with my feathers and anything else that she can disrupt, and then follows it up with a hug, kiss, and a very sweet--almost sighing "I sure do love you daddy"...   In hindsight, I am not always clear if I am being played or not, but fact that she puts me through the paces and makes me think about it, seems to add to the fun.

Keeping me company at "the lab", late into the evening
So for those times where I am not either working on fly fishing, or tapping away at my laptop, I have a tendency to fall prey to her persuasiveness.  I could go on and mush mush mush about her...but perhaps a few pix will tell the story better.

Don't mistake cute for innocent

You just never know what's lurking underneath those waders...
The proud pedicurist

Is there a resemblance between the colors on my toes and this popper?
I think so.

And finally, a parting shot of me and my girly girl and I will get back to fishing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old fishing gear

Must be an age thing...  You know, that point where the latest greatest stuff is cool...and useful...but just doesn't seem to carry any character.  "Panache" if you will.

Another trip to the homeland over the weekend has left me in the sole possession of my father's fishing tackle box.  This is one of those three tiered boxes that when opened up, splays out on both sides leaving lots of places for (at least) 40 years worth of hooks, red and white round bobbers, plastic worms and all the lead weights a guy could need for fishing (catfish/bullhead/gar) on the mighty Mississippi.

His exact words were "here...take this shit up to YOUR house and sift through it.  Use what you can use, toss what you can't.  I don't need it anymore".

Truth is, some of this fishing gear is just plain cool for no other reason that it was my dad's, is as old as I am, and seems to lend itself to photographing neatly.

As mentioned, most of the gear in it was big river fare, and he didn't really narrow his fishing down to a specific genre the way I have.  But, none the is a distinct honor.

..............I think...

On one hand, I couldn't be more flattered that he chose me to be the new guardian of this stuff.  On the other hand...uh...what the hell am I going to do with it all?  For reference, I also have a 1970's vintage W.T. Grant 3 speed bicycle (complete with dry rotted tires) that ended up at my garage in the exact same manner.

I can't, in good conscience get rid of it.  Even though I have no real need for it, and could really use the storage space that it takes up. What's more, I am not completely convinced that my dad isn't messing with me just a little bit.  I think he knows I can't get rid of it...but he doesn't want to throw it he gives it away to someone he knows will suffer through the storage of things that aren't useful any longer.

I suppose, after all the crap I put him through when I was growing up...I might have earned this...  

Which leads me to my final thought for the evening:  When my kids grow up...boy do I have some stuff for them.  Muahahahaha!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tick Tock

Wait.....What?!  Only 30 Days til the early inland trout season opener?