And the Oscar goes to...

...Oh, who really gives a shit anyway?!

Bajillionaires patting billionaires on the back.  Patronizing each other on how ridiculously expensive their outfits and borrowed jewelry are.  Trying desperately to remember (through a haze of alcohol) the names of all those little people they relied on to MAKE them look so pretty.  Attempting, by way of a very big production, to show the world how truly important and relevant they are.

Hollywood.  It's not my thing. I am just not really into it, I guess.

So my choices tonight were: Go down to the lab and tie some flies, or sit on the couch with my kids and catch up on my blog reading with the Oscars on in the background.  I was headed to the lab (with visions of soft hackles in my mind) when something caught my eye. With no small amount of honesty, I have to admit that J-Lo's cleavage was suddenly the deciding factor.

All I gotta say is damn..

So, while hoping that a certain actress's boob falls out of her dress, I am now comfortable typing away in the afterglow of a FANTASTIC fish scouting expedition with my son today.

At this moment, we are less than one week from the start of the 2012 Early Catch and Release Trout season in Wisconsin.  And,  I.AM.STOKED.

The fish were plentiful and active, the water was clear, midges were flying, the temps were perfect and it was just damn nice to be out.

Photographic evidence of Sasquatch?!  Nah. Just G-Love. 
In a rare act of brevity...I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum and let a couple of pictures tell tonight's story.

Yep.  Pretty sure big daddy Salmo Trutta lives here...
Looks fishy to me.
Old lunker structures never die.  They just fade away.  Slowly.

See you on the water next weekend!  (and by the boobs yet.  bummer.)


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