Ego deflation and fly tying

In our home, my wife and I have brought the sport of ego deflation to a whole new level.  In short, we pick on each other.  It is what we do. It is like a game of chess...weakness will be exploited and heaven help you if you aren't on your game.

I love her dearly, and wouldn't change us for the world...but sometimes...this can be absolutely brutal.

So I should have known what was coming when I proudly plopped a size 20 CDC Blue Winged Olive out of my vise and said "Oh, HELL yeah!  This one came off really well!  What do you think?  How does it look?"

My wife.  My beautiful wife, looked it over for a full half of a second, turned to me with a deadpan gaze and said (with that mocking look that only a spouse can give and get away with)..."It's nice.  It looks like a hook with belly button lint stuck to it.  You must be so proud of yourself".

Then she allowed herself a half a grin, and quietly went back upstairs.

Now, I would sure like to think of myself as a fairly balanced sort of fella who doesn't get bent up too easily...I'd also like to think I am pretty quick on my feet with comebacks, but in essentially 2 short, expertly placed sentences, Mrs. MacLoosh had completely dismantled a relaxing session in the lab.

Something tells me that this was payback for only pretending to like the new shoes she bought today, and pointing out that she hadn't REALLY saved any money on them.  Rather, she had spent money on them.

Yours in marital bliss....


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