Old fishing gear

Must be an age thing...  You know, that point where the latest greatest stuff is cool...and useful...but just doesn't seem to carry any character.  "Panache" if you will.

Another trip to the homeland over the weekend has left me in the sole possession of my father's fishing tackle box.  This is one of those three tiered boxes that when opened up, splays out on both sides leaving lots of places for (at least) 40 years worth of hooks, red and white round bobbers, plastic worms and all the lead weights a guy could need for fishing (catfish/bullhead/gar) on the mighty Mississippi.

His exact words were "here...take this shit up to YOUR house and sift through it.  Use what you can use, toss what you can't.  I don't need it anymore".

Truth is, some of this fishing gear is just plain cool for no other reason that it was my dad's, is as old as I am, and seems to lend itself to photographing neatly.

As mentioned, most of the gear in it was big river fare, and he didn't really narrow his fishing down to a specific genre the way I have.  But, none the less...it is a distinct honor.

..............I think...

On one hand, I couldn't be more flattered that he chose me to be the new guardian of this stuff.  On the other hand...uh...what the hell am I going to do with it all?  For reference, I also have a 1970's vintage W.T. Grant 3 speed bicycle (complete with dry rotted tires) that ended up at my garage in the exact same manner.

I can't, in good conscience get rid of it.  Even though I have no real need for it, and could really use the storage space that it takes up. What's more, I am not completely convinced that my dad isn't messing with me just a little bit.  I think he knows I can't get rid of it...but he doesn't want to throw it away...so he gives it away to someone he knows will suffer through the storage of things that aren't useful any longer.

I suppose, after all the crap I put him through when I was growing up...I might have earned this...  

Which leads me to my final thought for the evening:  When my kids grow up...boy do I have some stuff for them.  Muahahahaha!

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