This is Bad Axe!

  Funny how you plod along, going out to streams, rivers, lakes that are far from home because the local water just isn't as "interesting".

I've noticed this behavior as I cruise websites and blogs too.  I started out reading the "big" blogs like Singlebarbed, The trout underground, Buster Wants to Fish, etc...that were out there and well established.  The assumption was that there wasn't anything really cool going on locally...if there was...I'd know about it.  Right?

I still go out to some of the far away stuff on the internet...I mean really...who can resist Moldy Chum's Friday Pin-Up?  But more and more, I am drawn to anything with a local flair.  (No...that doesn't mean "local" pin-up go ahead Mrs. MacLoosh, you can sit back in your seat again...)

Local/regional fishing, writing  and art somehow feels more real to me.  Relevant.  You know?

So I have turned most of my attention to finding out more about those who I actually might see on the stream.  Or at the local fly fishing show.

Turns out...there are some seriously talented folks--right here in my own back yard.

One such character is probably best known by his art.  And strangely enough, he and I live close enough to practically throw a football between our homes.

Distance from me notwithstanding...his art is FANTASTIC!

If you haven't heard of BadAxeDesigns already....You will.  I would be willing to bet that his art gets him noticed in some pretty big circles.  He is darn talented, is clearly devoted to fly fishing.  Best of all....he is creating from right here in the middle of Wisconsin!

So I am challenging you to to check out Jonathan Marquart's works at BadAxeDesign !  Like him on his Facebook page, Follow him on Twitter, and look for him on a stream near you!

With Jonathan's permission, I've sprinkled this post with a couple of examples of his excellent work!

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