The truth is...

...I would walk to the end of the earth for my kids.  The boy half of the MacLooshkins seems to get more play here on the MacLoosh Chronicles than the girl half.

Don't let that fool you.  The girl half has me (as her mom will tell you) wrapped around her cute little fingers.  She just has different interests than fly fishing, and those interests are sometimes hard to translate to a blog that is supposed to be about fishing.  

What truly warms me up from the inside is that she is ever present, and even if I am busy tying flies in the basement, she cozies up, messes with my feathers and anything else that she can disrupt, and then follows it up with a hug, kiss, and a very sweet--almost sighing "I sure do love you daddy"...   In hindsight, I am not always clear if I am being played or not, but fact that she puts me through the paces and makes me think about it, seems to add to the fun.

Keeping me company at "the lab", late into the evening
So for those times where I am not either working on fly fishing, or tapping away at my laptop, I have a tendency to fall prey to her persuasiveness.  I could go on and mush mush mush about her...but perhaps a few pix will tell the story better.

Don't mistake cute for innocent

You just never know what's lurking underneath those waders...
The proud pedicurist

Is there a resemblance between the colors on my toes and this popper?
I think so.

And finally, a parting shot of me and my girly girl and I will get back to fishing.

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