Bruce is standing guard

It isn't Christmas Eve.  Nope.  But I have this air of something big bouncing around inside me ole cranium tonight.  Like a kid feels on Christmas eve.  Tomorrow is opening day of the 2012 Trout fishing season. And I can't wait!

Hells. Yeah.

A winter storm also hit today.  As if I needed more to wind me up.  Not a light snow.  It is the heavy, beautiful snow that sticks to everything and makes the world look completely different.  It also helps add to the excitement.  Just like Christmas Eve. a fit of nervousness that just wouldn't allow me to sit still, my boy and I went out to the stream tonight.  Mid snowstorm. To say hello.  To check in, see how high the snow has made the water, to calm down.

What started out as a simple fish scouting mission, very quickly took on some serious philosophical undertones.  My son, was right in tune with this.  So when trout scouting morphed into snowman building, the conversation turned to the question "What makes a perfect snowball?".

A question like this simply can't be answered until the snowman has been built, so we completed the task at hand.  We built a snowman named "Bruce" whose job is to watch over the stream and the fish for as long as he can.

With the mission accomplished, we were free to move on to the bigger question of the day.  It went something like this:

G: Dad?  Can you make a perfect snowball?
Me:  I'm not sure I know what the perfect snowball looks like.  Do you?
G:  I think it would be perfectly round.  Like the moon.
Me: Does it fit in your hand? Or mine?
G:  Um...I guess it depends on who makes it you or me?
Me: Then is a perfect snowball for you, also perfect for me?
G: I don't know.  What do you think?
Me: I think your perfect snowball might be different than my perfect snowball.  So I also wonder, is it better to be perfectly round, or should it also be solid (not crumbly)?
G: I like that.  What else does the perfect snowball need?
Me:  I think it needs to stay together, so when you throw it, it goes where you want it to go.
G: Like this? (throws snowball and hits me in chest--giggles incessantly)
Me: Yeah.  Like that. (Packing my own snowball--thrown--and hit him square in the thigh).  And, like THAT!
G: Then the perfect snowball is the one that is round, fits in my hand, and hits you when I throw it at you.  Right?
Me: Right.  Should we hike some more?
G: Yeah.  I think so.

With the question answered to both of our satisfaction, we were able to move on and enjoy a gorgeous hike.  The fish were rising.  Taking what I assume were emergers, although nothing was visible.  Nice little rings and an occasional nose quietly breaking the surface.

Here are some more pictures from the walk.

Thanks for standing guard Bruce!

See you on the water tomorrow!


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