Catching up: Part 1 (Surviving a temper tantrum)

Without intending to offer up a poor excuse, I have to say this:  As hard as I try, sometimes life gets in the way of posting my stream of consciousness online.  Sorry.  I've been a baaaaaad blogger and I need to be spanked. (hint hint wink wink Mrs. MacLoosh....wink wink...)

Enough tail between the legs crap.  This won't be the first or last time that I go for a longer stretch between posts than I'd like....It happens.

So several things are all jumbled up in my mind today.  Multiple ideas that would each make (what I think) a fun story on it's own merits.  My problem, is that unless I spit them when they are here, I am just not that good at holding on to the required angst, sarcasm or humor to really make a useless story into a COMPLETELY useless story for your enjoyment.

Let's start here:  I went fishing on Friday night.  Long awaited much deserved outing.  The weather has been surreal, and my mental status needed a recharge--some weeks at work are hell.  Well, here's the thing, it seems the more I plan, the more I plot and the more I think about all the fish I am going to catch, the faster those illusions start to fade when things begin to go sideways.  My usual ability to adjust and overcome just wasn't there..

First of all, the spot I wanted to fish on Black Earth Creek was already being fished.  Damn.  On to plan B.  Wait...I was so set on that spot, that I was now suddenly tossed off my game.  I didn't WANT to fish another stretch...I wanted to fish THIS section.

The internal dialogue went something like this: "OK MacLoosh...go ahead, have that little temper tantrum in your head.  Then go fish another spot and get over yourself".   So I tried.  With the song verse of "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" bouncing around me ole cranium...I did my best to fish my back-up spot correctly.  But the truth was, I was now mentally in exactly the wrong place.

Despite a prolonged effort to right this listing ship...I couldn't make it happen.  I threw the box at a run that usually holds fish, but couldn't raise more than a hook full of watercress...

Until....I had a solid hit!  I took up my line, set the hook and played what I figured would be a nice fish for at least 2 minutes!  I did everything right...and proud of the fact that this one would be the fish that would prove to me that I could overcome a bad mood by fishing.

So when I finally got this monster up out of the current and a good look at it, I was none too pleased to find that I had just set the hook on, and played..... a stick.

Definitely not a trophy.  Not even a keeper.

With a quick look over my shoulder to see if anyone was secretly watching this whole debacle...I carefully unhooked my leach pattern, secured my line on the rod, and calmly, methodically reached down to examine the stick.  After a good solid minute of staring at this stick, I noticed a fish rising in roughly the same spot that I had just been working.

My first inclination was to impale myself with the stick, but I didn't really want (or need) the extra complication of a self inflicted puncture wound.  So I did what (I assume) every one should do in this situation...I waited for the fish to rise again, then threw the stick as hard as I could at him, then turned and left the stream.

Your's in humility,


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