Catching up: Part II (Shameless local promotion)

Ok...whew!  Now that I've moved on from my "episode", I can get into other thoughts.  Thanks for bearing with me.

I picked up my BadAxeDesigns trucker hat the other day!  Do you have your's yet?

I had a chance to talk with Jonathan at length while I was picking up my new favorite hat.  He showed me his studio, and his latest works.  I've said it before, and will say it again, this guy has a passion for fishing that comes shining through in his art. Please help support his efforts!.

Click the picture to visit BadAxeDesigns

We talked for a while about a lot of things, but mostly fishing.  I learned that he and I are very like minded in that we both believe, and want to promote the fantastic fishing that is right here in our back yard.  We both believe that the fishing that exists right here in Wisconsin/Iowa/Minnesota and Michigan rivals the "great western rivers".

In fact, we spoke at length about the technical aspects of fishing the small spring creeks vs. wading a "big river".  We decided that this beautiful driftless area is totally and completely underrated.  That we both feel a responsibility to protect this fishery, and...promote it (a paradox? The jury is still out...).  The affection for the local water is a primary principal behind his art, and also happens to be a personal driver for me in writing the MacLoosh Chronicles.

We also agree that there are other gems and people out there walking parallel paths.  One such business is "On the creek" flyshop in Cross Plains.  Todd and Nick have put together a shop that we local anglers NEED.  They have hit the mix perfectly for having a cool shop where you can stop in and pick up the local knowledge, tying supplies, flies, rods and anything else you need.  While you are there...shoot the breeze for a while.  There are almost always one or two anglers in the shop between stints on the water, and they are always welcoming to a a newcomer to join the discussion.

Click the picture to go to their website
Despite my recent temper tantrum (see Part 1), we discussed how both of us had gone fishless in recent outings, but even getting (occasionally) skunked is part of the allure.  IF we were guaranteed a nice fish every time we went out...we just aren't convinced it would be the same.   What's more, the fact that the water is usually gin clear, and the fish are hideously spooky and the fishing very technical, only adds to the game.

So with that, when you are out there making decisions on whether to take that trip out west, or where to purchase gear or apparel...put down the catalog and go to the local flyshop.  Forget the "Simms" or "Orvis" logo hats and pick one up that was designed by the guy next door who loves the local water as much as you do.

And most the local water.

We've got it pretty damn good here.


26mar12 - Blogger's note:  Ok, I've thought about this a bit and want to clarify.  Buy the name brand equipment.  Most of the reputable companies are doing the right thing for the environment and fishing in general, I am simply advocating to buy this stuff from the local guys instead of the big retailers.  That's all.

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