Catching up: Part III (Redemption)

The last of my trilogy of catching up, is about redeeming myself.

In Part 1, I had my ass handed to me by the fish and and an unshakable poor mental attitude.  Well, in the manic  mood swings of an over sensitive fisherman, and in the way trout have of offering extreme highs and lows, I was able to trick a few nice brown trout on the home water on Saturday.

Ahh....redemption. ( the way, I can officially take the cork off the end of my forks because I no longer feel the need to stab myself in the eye after Friday's outing...)

And what was the bite?  Belly button lint.  Can I get a "what what?!"
Possibly most rewarding is that Saturday's fish were caught on a water that is not known to be a great fishery, and has offered me more than a lion's share of absolute humility over the years.  I never quite know what to expect, even though I know the holes, lies and holding water better than any other creek I fish.

To make it even better, I had the distinct pleasure of fishing with a gentleman who also loves flyfishing, but life has been too busy lately for him to get out.  He hadn't been fishing for 4-5 years, and NEVER in this area.  He was excited to go, and and had a great time.

I was hoping Chris would land a big one, but had warned him that we were going to a creek that could be very stingy in what it gives up. That didn't seem to bother him at all.  In fact, in true driftless fashion, the challenge of this fishery seemed to stoke to his excitement.  I am pretty sure that the fire has been reignited.

Chris-Thanks for fishing with me.  We'll do it again--Soon.

 As for me..I think this just about catches everything up.

See you on the water!


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