House-breaking a lap top

It happens without warning really.  You are cruising along nicely, things seem to be going pretty well, then suddenly without any hints that it was coming, there you are with a new lap top.

Don't get me wrong, my computer still works.  This post really has nothing to do with a computer.  It has everything to do with what is usually ON my lap.  Ok, Ok.  Relax.  I am not going to wax poetic about how big my "lap" is..  The legends speak for themselves...what can I say?!  (I crack myself up...)

I am actually alluding to the newest member of the MacLoosh family.  "Manny" has arrived.  As a direct result of his arrival, life has changed in a manner consistent with catastrophic reform.  In a flash, or sudden burst of unexplained playfulness and attitude, the MacLoosh mansion will never, ever be the same again.

There are relatively few things that will keep me from fishing on a beautiful weekend like this last one...but apparently this is one of them.

Sure.  He's cute.  Sure.  He's cuddly.   And as a direct result of the cute/cuddly mix, Manny also taken up residence on my legendary lap.  I am smitten with him, which has apparently brought reason to chide me and question my masculinity by some in the inner circles.  Let's not get silly here.  I DO still work at a fire I'm not quite ready to turn in my "man card" just yet.

Since I'm at it, I'll to respond to some already floated banter from a friend who wasted exactly zero time going straight to the bone and taking a shot that I would have been proud to deliver to him if I had the chance.

NO, I do not read stories about unicorns or touch my mangina when my fru fru dog is sitting on my lap. Thanks for your concern. Yeah, that's right; yuk it up peckerhead.  I'm keeping score, and when I get the chance, you can bet your ass I am going to help your wife fall in love with this pup.  Then I'm gonna help her find a breeder. We'll see who gets the last laugh.

I swear...Some people's kids!...                                                    

                                  .......and.........I digress.........

Manny and I have big plans.  He isn't exactly the prototypical fishing dog, but that ain't stoppin' me from taking him. This pup is here to stay, and if he is to be a fully accepted member of the MacLoosh clan, he is going to need to spend some time on the water and learn to love trout as much as I do.

I am also considering a new feature here on the blog that is either about him, or a feature based on the same concept of "Ask Trask" from Drake Magazine, or the infamous Wally the Wonderdog from Tom over at The Trout Underground.  (It's true...imitation IS the most sincere form of flattery...).  Nothing confirmed yet-just thinking about it right now.

There it is...the look that kept me of f the water this weekend.  Can you blame me?
By the way...since I've mentioned him...  Tom was kind enough to mention me in his short casts for 3-22-2012 .  THANK YOU! Tom for the mention, and for exposing me to the virtual juggernaut that is the Trout Underground's readership.  For a little blurb like the one I am putting out here at MacLoosh world headquarters...I am completely flattered and amazed by the volume of traffic traffic and  exposed to.

Thank you again!  And to the new readership...welcome! Thank you for checking in, and please let me know when you like or even dislike something I put up.

Til later-

-M  (and Manny)

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