Candid Camera

Here is the backdrop:  There isn't a lot of excitement here in the "UnForest".  So the fact that there has been a red fox roaming the neighborhood has lots of people all stirred up.  Especially my wife and kids.

My daughter is pretty sure that the fox is going to appear in the middle of the night, and eat her face.  My son is an amateur scientist.  He has theories ranging from "It is lost" to "It has a den nearby and will catch our dog and feed him to the baby fox's if it can".  Well...the dog is small and not exactly a top of the food chain predator, so G might not be too far off base with that one...but...I digress.

And my wife?  Well she has an uncanny ability to stoke the fires of curiosity in both children, so the banter has reached a fevered pitch.

So in an effort to really find out if this fox is stalking our yard and hopefully provide some answers, I borrowed a friend's trail camera.  Several nights of nothing photographed, followed by days of LOTS of photos of robins plucking worms from the yard was really the extent of the early findings with the trail cam.

Understanding that it may take a few nights to see anything unusual, I set the camera up in a new place in the yard when I recently went out of town.  Once I got back, I checked the memory card to see what had been going on?

To my surprise, the yard had been busy.  The trail cam had caught lots of action--just not exactly what I was intending when I set it up.

Here are two of the better shots.....

Yep.  One nosy son.  Caught on camera.
Really?!  Even the dog thinks she is nuts (note the look on his face...) those of you who think I am the crazy one in the family...I have news for you:  I married crazy, and then had children with her.

I have to admit though...we sure do have fun...and I had one hell of a good laugh when I found these pictures.

Did we catch the fox in action yet?  No.  But aside from the camera hounds above, we did see a raccoon, and the neighbor's cat.  (Both of which are a lot more fun than robins eating worms)

Oh, and despite the comic relief, we are still working on that fear of my daughter's.  She still isn't convinced that the fox isn't a man-eater...

Til later,


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