Death and fishing

Suffering from allergies might have a single, solitary up-side.

It is a beautiful day but due to the wind, to go outside is to become a sneezing, sniffling, eyes watering pool of snot and misery.  I suffered through my son's soccer game, but that was enough to convince me lay low,So I am staying in  for the rest of the day.  The up-side?  It is affording me some down time, and a rare chance to write a post.

Yesterday was a day chalk full of irony.  My son and I started the day by paying our final respects to my cousin Tony.  The girls weren't able to make the trip out of town, so my boy and I represented the MacLoosh family at this one.  Tony was a good man, as evidenced by the turn-out of friends and family, and a fitting tribute to him was the number of motorcycles that showed up to escort him to his final resting place.  My oldest brother (note the VERY orange bike in the video) tells me there were 44 bikes in all.

I have to say this, as my wife and I have lost way to many friends and family  needlessly...CANCER SUCKS.

After the funeral, my boy and I decided that it might be appropriate to fish our way home once we  were back Wisconsin.  So what started as an extremely sad day, ended up as one of the best days either my son or I have had in quite a while.

While deciding where to fish, G told me he really didn't feel like trout fishing, that he would rather find a lake and do some panfishing.  This wouldn't have been my first choice as we were near several first class Driftless trout waters, but I have kind of had an itch to beat up on some bluegills and largemouth for a while and I was just really happy to be with my favorite fishing partner, so it really didn't matter what kind of fishing we did..  G & I finally hit a lake that I hadn't fished (but had heard about many times) by 4:30 and between the two of us couldn't get our rods rigged up fast enough.

Since I usually fish the streams, I rarely carry any spinning gear with me, so it was flyrods all around.  No problem for G, he can handle a 9ft  6wt rod as well as anyone.  Didn't take him but about 5 casts and he was into a fat little bluegill.  Few more casts, and he was tight to a largemouth that absolutely smashed his foam hopper.

There were several more fish, but we didn't take pix of them all.  Just the important ones.

Fish on!

The reward for a hard fought battle?

Further into the day, and a move to a floating dock brought the real reward of the day.  The fish that drew a LOT of attention from the people who were near by....

As if a monster bluegill wasn't enough to help with some of the sorrow of the morning, G also managed to catch a snake with his net.  (Sorry, no picture)

From there, we did pack up to drive home, but at the last minute we decided (at my request) to fish  one trout stream near by.   It was almost dusk, and I had a feeling the bugs would be on.  I only caught a couple of smallish wild brown trout (G decided not to fish, but did tell me where the fish would be lying, and he was right...).  I had hoped for 3 or 4 legal keepers to bring home for Sunday's dinner, but no such luck.

I also managed to turn my 9 year old son onto Teriyaki Beef Sticks as an appropriate "tide you over til we can find a restaurant" post fishing snack.

Somehow, we managed to turn a truly shitty day into a very satisfying father/son outing.

Knowing Tony, I think he would have approved of us going home tired and satisfied from fishing our way home from his funeral.

In fact, I am not convinced that he didn't play a hand in the way the day worked out.

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