Saturday, May 26, 2012

Love/hate relationship

I'm pretty sure I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with the insect world.  Spiders, while not actually bugs; make me cringe. Mosquitoes and "No see-ums" are proof that evil is alive and always near by.  And the rest of the insect world (or at least the insect world that I have bumped into) are interesting to me.  They are interesting on my terms, and not when found clinging to me or landing on me.

I believe I have also mentioned that I recognize that to flyfish effectively, I need to embrace my inner insect lover.  I'm working on this...I really am.  But this just isn't coming naturally.

To that end, the last 2 weeks have brought me in contact with some extremes in the bug world that I thought I would share. While not all of them are bugs that would be specific to flyfishing, all of them represent steps in my entomological journey.

First of all, on my recent trip to the homeland, I drove through one of those epic caddis hatches on the Mississippi river.  When that kind of bug action is going on...a fella sure does wish he was fishing and not driving...

Mmmmm.....smeared caddis......
From there, my sister had a special present for G when we hit town.  It was a box, with a dead bug in it.  The interesting truth of this "gift" is that it was pure genius.   In one dangerously simple move, my sis showed that she not only knows how my boy ticks...she embraces and encourages it.  He absolutely adores her, and for good reason: she speaks his language.  She told him that his "job" is to find out what kind of bug it is and let her know.  She said that she has found 2 of these at her job in central Iowa, and is creeped out by them...while also damn curious as to what they are.  I asked if she had looked it up, but then remembered that for all of her abilities in life, effective computer or internet use is not among them.  She just recently figured out how to text on her phone, is due for an upgrade...but doesn't one because it took so long to figure the existing phone out.

Almost as soon as we hit home, G and I jumped on the internet to figure this one out.  Here is what we have in our box:

A bug with "hands"???  That shit ain't right...
Mole cricket.  An invasive pest.  
And finally, going back to the MacLoosh family's Mother's day outing at Devil's Lake we found one really cool creepy crawly on a hike...

Centipede? Or Millipede? Does it really even matter?  To me, no.  To the bug, I bet it does matter.
That's all for now recent panfish outing has me rocking some new home brew poppers...

Til later,


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