Stir crazed and off balance

Tap tap tap....this thing on?

Oh, whew!  It DOES still work.  Good.  I'd hate to think that just because I haven't put up any posts that it had stopped working in my absence.

To catch up:  I haven't been fishing in a LONG F'ING TIME.  More than a month.  Hell, I am pretty sure it has been almost a month and a half.  Wait....have I been fishing at all this year?  Hmmm....sure doesn't seem like it....

This lack of time on the water is starting to affect my health.  My balance is off, eyes blurry, heart rate up, blood pressure up, and I have developed a noticeable twitch whenever I drive past a body of water that is bigger than a puddle and... Pavlov's mutt...I started drooling when I watched "Heart of the Driftless" the other day.

Pathetic, I am.

Do I pester him while he is sleeping?  Of course I do. Don't be silly.
What I have been doing with all that time that isn't being filled up with fishing?  Oh, you know, a little of this and a lot of that.  It's all the usual stuff that makes up life.  Work.Family.Sleep and repeat.  As if my life wasn't chaotic enough, being the "pack leader" for a puppy is just about the craziest freaking thing I've been through in a long time.

Ceasar Milan can kiss my big white ass.  Dog training is a royal pain in my butt.

A re-occurring dream...
My home life has been reduced to being chewed on, with short intermittent breaks where I take the dog out into the back yard and follow his squirrely ass around while he finds just the wait....maybe over there....nah...the grass wasn't right...lets try over here....ooop....WAIT...the leash was too tight, now it's gone.....oh oh oh...there it is again...Just a couple of sharp left hand circles and......oh, hellllllllll yeah......that's the spot!  And he glances up at me, while dropping a deuce, with that pitiful look of "Excuse me, I'm pooping here....could you at least give me some praise???" .

So what do I do?  I praise him.  Not because I am particularly proud of him.  We all poop.  I praise him because I guess I am supposed to praise him.  That's what "Puppies for dummies" tells me to do.

So after praising my dog for shitting on my lawn, I go back into the house where he chews on me some more.  Fun.  My only revenge has been to mess with him at every turn.  It's a family tradition here at the MacLoosh Mansion, so the dog had better get used to it.

<insert big shit eating grin here>
Anyway, with just a little bit of luck--I am headed out on the water tomorrow.   I frankly don't care if I catch anything...I just want to go so bad it hurts.  And with a little bit more luck, I have worked myself into a spot where I can go fishing every once in a while and actually write about fishing again.

Wouldn't that just be cat's meow?

Till later,


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