Word of the day? Privilege.

Full disclosure: I didn't take this picture.  I "borrowed" it from the internet.
Here I am at the end of a great Memorial Day Weekend.  Wishing it was longer, but thankful that it was as long as it was.  I am very grateful for the the freedom to publish this stream of consciousness.  It is that freedom that allows me to speak candidly and without fear of censorship (or worse...), and for you the reader to have the choice to either continue reading, or not.

I readily admit that I don't do this enough, something I'm not that proud to admit. However; I absolutely realize that the privilege of publishing a blog without fear of retribution, punishment or government censorship has been granted to me by those who have dedicated their lives to protecting mine.  If you are, were or even related to any american military personnel: Please know how truly appreciative that I am.

Speaking of privilege...

I was granted another privilege this weekend.  At the risk of duplicating an extremely well written post by friend and fellow writer Alphamomphia  (sorry Julie...not trying to crowd in on this one...but your blog is excellent!)--I just can't keep this to myself.  (To read her post about secret places, click HERE)

Ya gotta know which path to take...
My son has spent a LOT of time lately rummaging through the woods with his buddies lately.  Together they have carved out their own place in the world where their imaginations run wild.  This place is exactly what they want it to be, and I suspect that it is seen differently by each member of the group.

It is a magical place, and the "fort" they have built took my breath away.

Individually, G has taken both his mom and I to the fort, and given us V.I.P. tours.  Collectively, Mrs. MacLoosh and I stand in awe.  We are incredibly grateful for a boy who has the guts to build his own vision.

With his expressed permission, I took some pictures and am posting them here for you to see.  I tried desperately to take these pix and render them in a way that does this place justice.  I tried to put myself into the mind of a 9 year old who has this "secret" place, complete with legends and mystery.  Not an easy task.

I genuinely doubt that these images even come close to what his mind sees.  What I do not doubt, is that it was a distinct privilege to get this peek into his imagination.

I'd tell you where it is...but I made a promise.  Sorry.
Hand made by boys who are secretly turning into men

This is how I imagine that the boys see their fort.

More bugs and fishing next time around.

Til later,


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