It's too goddamned hot to type, and I am too goddamned crabby to be funny.

Prior to my rapid decline in mood...I did manage to finish up a couple of poppers that have been sitting down at the lab for a while.

They aren't the most creative paint jobs, but I am just feeding them to the fish anyway...so WTF do I care how fancy they are painted?

To answer a question, the orange and yellow are made out of good old fashioned cork.  It is lighter, floats higher, cheaper to make, and creates that magical "popping" noise that seems to draw in the large-mouth better than the prefab heads.  (Even though the prefab heads look a touch more professional)

Here they are.  Enjoy.

Next up:  Time to rock some foam.  Figure I can create, fairly quickly, some truly stupid looking bugs that only a large-mouth would eat.

By the way, despite my current obsession with warm water fishing...I AM still partial to trout, so BACK OFF MAN!



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