Weekend update (no...Seth Meyers isn't hosting this one)

Sunday evening.

Time to sit back, drink a beer, take some ibuprofen and enjoy some good old fashioned silence once the kids go to bed.  Not every Sunday brings out enough to fill a post, but I stumbled upon more of Mother Nature's freak show this weekend and had to share.  I also had the privilege of catching a few of the crowned jewel of the water.

The brook trout.

There are some fishermen who don't like them because they aren't really trout (they are actually Arctic Char), or they believe that Brookies will eat anything and therefore aren't a challenge to catch.

Haters gonna hate, what can I say?

As for me, I love em'.  Catching Brookies is the icing on my cake. They are generally found in clean water, and they are much more beautiful than they actually need to be.

Little fish, big color
That cool clean water?  Usually found in places most fishermen drive over on the way to the "lake" without even noticing.

Me? I'll take the solitude of a stream that isn't even on the radar
Prior to hitting the above small water, I was fishing downstream.  It was hot out and the water was warm (68 degrees) so the fishing was slow. Warm water means trout that won't move. This means that all of us out there who are goofy enough, stop fishing and pick up rocks in the middle the stream...

(Here is a dead giveaway that I'm not catching anything: I can be found standing in the middle of the stream, pulling up rocks to see what is underneath...)

Mmmmmm......trout food

Then...wait...what was that? Could it be?  A rise?  Oh Hell yeah....  I see the bugs coming off, and I have just the ticket.  Bellybutton lint.  A near perfect match.  I tie one on, make my cast, and "BANG!" I'm into a fish.

Hornyhead Chub.  Ugly as sin, but at least I caught something
And finally, while helping a neighbor cut down a tree in his back yard today, I stumbled up this:

Icheumonoid Wasp. On the scale of "what the hell is THAT?" this one ranks a solid 8

That's all for now...

Til later, 


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