Breaker Breaker One Nine

Keep on truckin'.

In my never ending quest to visit the roadside attractions of the world, I hit the mutha freakin jackpot this past weekend.

The world's largest truckstop in Walcott, IA.   

As if that wasn't big enough all by itself, we were there during the Annual Trucker's Jamboree.

What does one do at the worlds largest truckstop during the Trucker's Jamboree?  Read on good friend, read on.

First of all, you take pictures of everything.  Because this is one of those events that can't be lost to fuzzy memory.  Nope.  This one needs to be recorded properly for the sake of accurate recollection and reflection.

MacLooshkins and Granpa MacLoosh

If they don't sell it, you don't need it.

Pimp your ride with lights.  Epileptic Seizure inducing lights.

Truck Nuts (keychains??!!)
Truck Nuts (grande sized) in multiple colors

Lot Lizard
Lot of trucks

Grandpa MacLoosh and an old truck

Properly dressed Mack Bulldog
What did Mrs. MacLoosh think of all this?  She loved it. (no matter WHAT she tells you...she had fun)
Despite her charm, Mrs. MacLoosh didn't get to sit in this one
Monster truck
An original OCC Chopper--cool!

Made in 1912 (yes...100 years old...)
Optimus Prime's Dad
Pimp Ass Tires
And finally....between fits of pretending that all of these trucks would come alive as Transformers and battle the forces of evil on behalf of mankind...I tried to pick out the trucks that I would most like to have as the perfect fishing truck.

It came down to two.  Either would be fine with me...but you decide for yourself which would be best.


Til later Y'all!


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