Grasshoppers are fun.

With the recent break in weather, and a little rain to freshen up the streams, I've had the privilege of getting out on two very different, but excellent trout streams.

There is a common theme though...It is quite clearly hopper season.  And despite recent attempts to improve on the "Happy Hopper", the original recipe retains its hold as the most productive hopper pattern in my flybox.

I am, frankly, too tired to stir up a good story or tale from these trips...even though there is a lot of material to choose I will let a single trout from each stream tell the story.

Gordon Creek Silver
Rowan Creek Gold
And...of course...the Happy Hopper.  (Contact me for recipe:  .....or.....better about a flyswap!  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?)

Til later,


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