Hey Readers! Manny needs your help!

I'm not usually given to doing things like this...but there are some seriously ugly pets out there who have a chance of winning a "Cute Pet" contest-and that ain't right.

So...I don't ask much of anyone for this blog other than to enjoy it as it is...but in this case--please put in a vote for Manny.

To vote-Click on the widget at the top left of the MacLoosh Chronicles homepage.  You may have to register quickly...sorry...(Hint...once registered, you are welcome to vote at least once per day!)

Voting ends Friday July 13th at Midnight.

While we are talking about Manny...and AFTER you have voted....Do you need to learn a little bit more about him?

Check out the "Ask Manny" button at the top of the page.  He is always happy to answer your questions.



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