In the spirit of competition...

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.

So when my boy asked me recently to go fishing with him down at the local creek (no trout in this one...bummer),  I was stoked.  The catch was, I had to fish the HE fishes with his buddies and I was specifically forbidden from using a fly rod or flies.


So off I went, ready to learn.

Bits of string cheese, floated below a bobber and drifted downstream
With the above tools, my boy has been catching fish fairly regularly.

I tried desperately to forget everything I know, and do this HIS way.  This was no easy task for me.  I tend to not always take orders well, and fought to keep my mouth shut.  I did both, but despite my best efforts, he was successful, and I got skunked.

Zen Master "G" with his game face on

I was, however...super proud of him for taking a love of fishing and finding his own style with it.  (Hell...I was even proud of him for out-fishing me...)

But, we are of the same blood, and therefore both VERY competitive, so last night when he said he wanted to go trout fishing with me, we decided to make a friendly competition out of it.  We would go to the local trout stream, he would fish his way, I would fish mine, and we would see who came up with (a) the biggest fish and (b) the most fish.

At the stream, the fishing was slow.  I had a nice sized brown rise to a hopper that had just come off my vise, but it refused.  I saw it long enough to recognize it's buttery brown belly and size (I peg this one at around 14" or so).  The refusal was the last I saw of him.  Must have headed down the bottom to sulk. 

The winning fish was not exactly a trophy, and I did manage to catch 2 like this.

Pink Squirrels are magic. Pure magic.
So having redeemed myself from getting skunked....AND having won our friendly competition, I was happy and might have even egged him on a bit.  

Yeah.  Go ahead.  Criticize.  I was competitive with my boy, I won and am gloating.  Why?  Because I can.  And....oh, yeah....he rubbed my nose it in HARD when I turned up blanks the day before while he caught fish.  

What goes around, comes around. 

Being my son, he wasn't satisfied with getting skunked, so he switched to a fly rod and pink squirrel.  The one thing he forgot is that frustrated fishing can end poorly.  So it was when he finally caught something big, that we decided to call it quits.

Pink Squirrels will catch ANYTHING!
Once the initial screaming was over, and I had convinced him to hold still long enough for me to take the hook out...we had a good laugh about it and sat and watched the bats swarm.  Suddenly it just didn't matter who was the better fisherman anymore.

Turns out that bats are hard as hell to take pictures of, even when there a a ton of them is the only good shot of about 20 attempts.
So tomorrow morning, I am going out again.  No competition...just some good old trout fishing.  Hope I have enough to write about afterwards.

Til later,


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