Mr. Fiesta Edition

Just so you know, I'm prolly gonna get sued for this one.

Mostly because I have no idea who this man is, why he was feeling so festive, and I don't exactly have permission to post his picture.  But to me he represents a state of mind.  A state of mind that I very clearly identify with so I'm willing to risk it.

So whomever you are Mr. Fiesta...keep up the good work.  A whole lot of us working stiffs out there try very hard to create a facade of the spirit you embody with ease.  You my friend, have nailed it and are obviously living an enlightened existence.

And......that is a helluva tramp stamp my man!  Touche`

The picture was taken while out to dinner with a group of friends.  Oddly, this group is made up of very normal men, who all share a common theme in our lives:  We are married to troublemakers. Especially when alcohol is involved.

By the credits go to Denise on this one.  Thanks for bringing this one back for Laura and Mrs. MacLoosh will have something to stare at when they get bored at work.

Til later,


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