I'm not really a stranger to pressure.  Hell, by virtue of being gainfully employed, I suppose none of us are.

But sometimes you bite into a side project that means a lot to you.  The pressure comes from within.  You want to do it right.  For the right reasons.  You want to do your best on this one for no reason other than you have taken a little pride and ownership in the project.

So a friend asked me (a woefully long time ago) to help him out.  He has an old flyrod that has been passed down through his family, and he would like to fish it again but it is in desperate need of some rehab.  He hasn't fished in years, and wants to wet a line.  With this rod.  Being the person he knows the best who is into all things angling, he asked for my help.

At first you say  "yeah...I can help you out" and think it is going to be no big deal, but are very glad to help.  Then you spend some time talking to him about the rod and his memories when you go to pick it up.  You are hooked (Nice pun, eh??  I came up with that all by myself....) on the nostalgia.  Now you just feel downright HONORED.  You take a cursory look at the rod and reel and think to yourself "Yep. I can handle this".

So you take it home, spend some time REALLY looking at it, and suddenly it hits you.  You are in over your head.  You have exactly NO experience in fixing or building rods.  Your inexperience leads you to every Youtube video you can stand on the subject.  You think, I can't do this half-assed.  That would be a crime.  But, the intimidation you feel takes hold and you say to yourself "I need to be in the correct frame of mind to do this, so it gets done right".  You wait for that mood, and the time to do it right.

Only...You have kids, a job, and all of the other distractions in life (including writing a blog...) so that time just never seems to materialize.  It isn't that you haven't thought about it.  You have. A lot. But there always seems to be something else that NEEDS to be done first.

Your friend has never mentioned it to you.  He has a busy life, a business to run, and other hobbies to keep him occupied and probably hasn't thought about it too awfully much.  But you really don't know for you?

Suddenly, here you are.  Fishing season is in full swing, and you are still feeling insecure about this project.  It's time to MAKE the time.  Something you should have done a long time ago.  The pressure is on.

So it is with no small amount of chagrin that I say, with my tail tucked neatly between my legs:  Sorry man.  I didn't forget about it.  I wouldn't do that.  I am working on it now and hope to do some fishing with you soon.


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