Gotta give props to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  They have put together an AMAZINIG set of state parks.  That said, Yellowstone State Park was the camping destination of choice last week, and although Yellowstone is decidedly not my favorite state park, it is still a damn nice place.

Possibly best of all, is thanks to the bat colonies that have been carefully developed over the years, I came home with exactly ZERO mosquito bites.  Gotta love that...

I even got in some time fishing new "trout" water.  (More on that later...)

So in the same fashion as has been my style lately...enjoy the photos.


Possibly the only way to improve on a sunset picture....ad one beautiful little angler
R & R is the name of the game
R & R is the name of the game (Even Woody and Buzz think this is pathetic...)
Anaphylaxis Junction
2.5 hours of fishing a trout stream and THIS is what I caught.
Can you say slump??? Grrr......

The kids did find an abandoned play ground on a trail, and decided that they thought it was haunted.  I am not sure I disagree with them.

All it was missing was a "Chucky" doll sitting on the merry-go-round saying 'spin me......'

The sounds of squeaking swings and screaming children can be heard when the wind blows.

Zen Master G with one of many fine fish to hand
(Note the slight look of "Hey dad: why are you taking pictures and not holding your OWN fish??" that he has on his face)
And last but not least, here is part of a batch of hoppers that I am working up for a new friend who has graciously accepted an invitation for a friendly fly swap.  Ready soon Tim!

By the way, the giant "Progressive" clip?
Yeah...got that the truckers jamboree.  I know you are jealous. 
Til later,


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