Six Spotted WHAT?!

By now, loyal reader, you should know how much spiders wig me out.  Right?  And, by now y'all should also realize how much they fascinate me.

Well, while fishing the Fox River on Saturday with my favorite fishing partner, he pointed out a spider on the edge of the water.  He noticed it while he was releasing a fun little sunfish that I had just caught.

The rules are as follows: G catches fish, G releases fish.  Dad catches fish, G releases fish.
I kind of ignored it because I had just found a sweet spot on the river and was itchy to get my popper back in the water.  Ignored it until he said "DAD! Look at this spider! It's HUGE".

There are few things that can break me off a pod of rising fish...but my boy clearly knows the passwords.

So as I walked over and he pointed to it, I might have said something to the effect of "Holy mother of god..."

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It certainly wasn't the biggest spider I have ever seen, but the truth is: if this thing were in my house, I'd probably have to replace the surface it had touched because of the burn marks left by the blow torch that I used to fry the son-of-a-bitch.

But since this one was outside, and a LONG way from my home, I controlled myself, took a couple of pictures to share with all and called it good.   The fascinated part of me, came home and began researching.  Turns out this is a Six Spotted Fishing Spider.

A spider that fishes. Cool. In an uncomfortable sort of way.

I've had one other run in recently with the insect world that is of note.  A big ass walking stick was caught and captured by some friends who were waiting for my family to arrive at their cabin for some R & R.  (The sign of a good set of friends is sometimes whether or not they will catch and save bugs for you...)

Not much to say about it, other than these guys are cool too!

Til later,


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