180 degrees

As I begin typing this note, I am struck by my own apparent wild mood swings.  (My wife is nodding her head in agreement right now...)

What is obvious to her, is not always obvious to me. Tonight, however, I fully realize the different ends of the spectrum that I have a tendency to inhabit.  This dichotomy strikes me as somewhat comical and makes itself perfectly clear in my online ramblings.  For those with a short memory, just a week ago, I had a meltdown.  I (intentionally) brought my angst and poor parenting etiquette into full public view here on the MacLoosh Chronicles.  Partially for the sake of humor, and partially to help relieve some of the pressurized air that I was breathing; I ranted.

With a full 180 degree swing, I was struck today with a moment of absolute peace.  It happened without warning, in the middle of a hectic day, but it was a very welcome feeling.

I heard a poem that took me right back to the stream.

As I sit here in the off season, dreaming of next year's adventures, and remembering this last season's worth of fishing, this poem takes me there.

I think (hope), that my fellow anglers out there will understand immediately.  Enjoy.

by Naomi Shahib Nye

To move cleanly  
Needing to be nowhere else
Wanting nothing from any store
To lift something you already had,
and set it down in a new place
Awakened eye,Seeing freshly 
What does that do to the old blood
moving through its channels?

Til later, 


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