If only...

I just read one of the most stunning, honest posts I think I have ever read.

My Hat is off to One Bug Is Fake for rocking some good old fashioned angst.  Don't mistake what I am saying here: I hope he finds his peace.  I really do.  What I AM saying is that it takes balls the size of church bells to get that honest in such a public manner.

Thanks to OBIF, I feel empowered to spew a little honesty of my own.  Life seems to be hitting below the belt lately here at the MacLoosh mansion, so here goes:

I don't want to be typing right now.  No offense, but I really wish I was in a place where having a laptop a "smart phone" and an internet connection would be both useless, and pointless.

Where is this place that I would rather be?

Right there.  

Next to a nice, but not too big of a fire.  My only concern would be to keep the fire going to ward off the cool October evening.  The noise that I would hear, would NOT be the tap tap tap of a keyboard.  It would be the crackling of finely split oak in the process of pyrolysis.

In this fantasy of mine, the biggest stress I would face would be getting from the fire to my sleeping bag.  When I wake up, some warm coffee, and the work of getting ready for the next night: collecting more fire wood, camp maintenance, time spent in the woods or just lounging at the campsite, and making simple meals over an open fire that are seasoned to taste with a healthy dose of hunger.

I think a week would be a good start.  From there, I would re-evaluate whether or not I was ready to enter the "real" world again.

Would fishing be included in this little fantasy of mine?  Maybe, maybe not.  I can't say for sure.  If I were to go without fishing...I think that even I could live with that.

What would NOT be included?  I'd love to give you a list of reasons, but I don't want to give those stresses any more energy than they deserve.  I am guessing you could probably come up with your own list anyway.

If only........

Til later,


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