High Plains Scuds

The town of Lago is currently warming up it's volunteer militia for an impending showdown, and Clint's character says (as a resident of Lago sneaks up behind him and carefully reaches for the hunting knife on his hip) "You know, you're going to look awfully silly with that knife sticking up your ass".

Love it.

I am intrigued by the fact that I don't think we ever actually learn his character's name.  Well, there is that tombstone at the end...but the credits still list old Clint as "The Stranger".

What an absolute badass!  I imagine that I am not the only person who fantasizes about being that hard and cold.  It's a shame they don't make westerns like this anymore.  Isn't it?

High Plains Drifter is, I think, the quintessential movie for a day like today.  Outside, it is dreary, rainy, lazy and the only thing missing is a giant pot of chili cooking on the stove.

What could make this better?  Tying some flies.  Oh...yeah...I am doing that too.  Been intermittently working up new and improved scud patterns in the lab.   I am torn right now.  I have scud backing, and like the way it looks, but I learned a trick last year that makes scuds easier and faster to tie.  What's the trick?  Trim the "back" really thin (almost down to the thread) and then give it a good dose of either epoxy, superglue or even head cement to keep everything from unraveling in the water.   The end goal is a little bit of translucence (with legs).

I think the scud backing looks good.  But I am given to natural looking flies that are simple to tie and work.  Besides...I am still not convinced that Salmo Trutta is as hung up on aesthetics as anglers are....  As long as it is a close imitation I'm convinced that Mr. Brown trout is simply an eating machine.  If it looks like food coming down the pipeline, he tastes first, then decides whether it was worth the energy to eat or not.  At that point, whether or not the imitation is anatomically perfect is moot, and surely the taste of the hook plays a role in his decision making.

Hopefully by that time, I have intervened and taken up the slack enough to feel some weight at the other end.

Scud.  Version 3.2
Why scuds today?  Because they are easy.  And I have had my own issues getting into the swing of tying flies lately, so today I took the "low hanging fruit" and picked a gateway fly to help me catch a groove. So-to-speak.

Naturally, when a dad tries to sneak in some quiet time, there are children and a rambunctious puppy to offer plenty of distractions, so the fly tying is slow going at best.

Am I complaining?  No.  I have spent most the day thoroughly enjoying some 1 on 1 time with my baby girl.   She has been my buddy today, and with her brother preoccupied with one of his good friends and a box of Lego's, Sweets and I have been busy.  Our time together today has offered me some much needed smiles and warm fuzzies.

After a brief discussion about exactly what a scud is, she decided that she had better make one of her own.  She is typically lukewarm about actually fishing (I'm working on this...) but when it comes to fly tying--the kid's got potential.  No doubt about it.

Naturally, when something is going on, the puppy feels left out.  While I'd like to think he was trying to help....his efforts were decidedly on the naughty side.  

Puppy vs. Halloween Spider Decoration

It's all cute until he gets into my fly tying feathers.  Then we've got issues...... 
With that, I have a dog to reprimand,"The Stranger" has painted the town red and killed every character in the town of Lago who was morally flawed.  I think he only burned half of the structures down in the process.  How do you not just LOVE movies like this?

As for me, I should probably go do something productive...

Til later,


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