# 101 and Draco can kiss my....

It was with a heavy heart that post number 100 had to be about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.  But...it needed to be done. With all due respect to the events out east, I had hoped for something different for that post.  100 just felt like a milestone, you know?

No biggie.  Adapt and overcome. We've got number 101, and I am feeling just a little more random than usual.  Why you ask?  Well for starters, we here in the center of the 30th state to join this fair union are about to get the shit kicked out of us by a snowstorm.  Not just ANY snowstorm.  This one has been named.  A first in my lifetime.

Let's be clear about this, once a storm has been named, it gets an ego.  Once it has an inflated ego...we mortals are in for a bad ride--history has born this out more times than we can count.  Draco, as this snowmageddon has been named, is bearing down on the UnForest as I type.  But I also have a challenge with the name.  Draco ?!  What the hell?  Is it named after a dragon?  Or is it named after an ancient lawyer?  Either way, it is a piss poor name for a storm.  Just sayin'.

Given this storm's proximity to the drop dead date of 12/21/12...it seems to me that a Mayan name would have been more appropriate.  But...I digress.....

Need to add Draco to this list.  Tomorrow (just in case....)
So Draco is supposed to dump between 14" and 18" of snow, and my biggest concern right now is wondering how my 8" tall dog is going to handle pooping in a hole that I have made my son dig out for him.  Poor lil ole Manny is going to need to learn how to take a dump without being able to look over his shoulder at me like I am offending his sensibilities. I hope he isn't emotionally scarred.

Anyway, it occurred to me on my drive home from work tonight, that this goofy storm has the whole populous in an uproar.  People have lost thier ever lovin minds!  Never one to miss an opportunity, I headed on over to the local grocery store to see just what kind of mayhem ole Draco has stirred up.  Of course I took my camera.  Don't be silly: It's what I do, and the store that I love to hate did not disappoint.

While the fighting temptation to photograph wide eyed shoppers scurrying through the isles scooping up extra loaf of bread and case of water (because melting snow for water is sooooo 1912); I did manage to keep my manners about me.  MacLoosh don't need no lawsuits you know.  Not with a winter storm named after an ancient lawyer sharpening its claws outside my house.  That just seems like bad karma.

I suppose I should shut this down for the night and get some sleep.  While most of the world around me wakes up tomorrow, drinks a slow cup of Joe and phones in...I will have to slug my way to work. As a friend asked "why are they making you work tomorrow? it's going to be HELL out there", I had no choice but to agree and say "I work for a fire department.....", then wait as the reality of that landed on him, and he followed up with a pitiful...."Oooooh......yeah.  I suppose...."

And yes.  Since I have to go to work, I am taking my camera.  And I am wearing my "Stormy Kromer" hat just to twist a couple of people up, and to thumb my nose at a poorly named storm.

Til later,


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