MacLoosh v. Draco

It just wouldn't be right to have issued such a direct (public) challenge to a storm, and then not follow up, now would it?

I think it is fair to say that Draco threw some good punches, but as a friend of mine once said (after punishing me on a disturbingly long day of cycling): "Damn dude.  You suffer better than anyone I've ever met".  I took it as the left handed compliment that he intended it as.  This friend of course, is one of those ultra skinny, hardcore bike enthusiast, naturally gifted athlete types.  He's also a fucker. He used to push me in ways my cardiovascular system never quite accepted, and to this day: still hasn't forgiven me.

Wait...where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Draco.

Anyway, despite several body punches today, I am still standing and more than just a little proud of that fact.

Here is a photo recap.  Enjoy.

The view from staging:
Thanks to crappy roads, we were second due for a working car fire that was originally assigned to our engine.
Isn't that just a kick in the teeth?

Yep. Pretty much.
Photo credits: NBC 15 Facebook page
To go or not to go.  That was the question.  The answer was "Bah! I just want to get home and this is the most direct route so I'm going for it. Besides, I have 4 Wheel Drive".  Famous last words....and...that's all I have to say about that.
At a time when I should have been sipping a well deserved cocktail...I was hand shoveling the nearly 18" of  the heaviest snow I've ever seen.  This was almost Draco's knockout punch....
Mrs. MacLoosh also took it on the chin with several power outages today, but still managed to whoop up some damn good  beef stew.  Much needed and appreciated!
(She's a good woman.  I think I will keep her around for another year or two...
And...because tomorrow, I will still be standing and Draco will have moved on to test his mettle against new foes.....

Damn straight. Bitch.
Oh...and by the way...How about that Suzy Favor Hamilton thing?????   Wow.....I think its safe to say that not too many people saw THAT one coming....

Til later,


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