Project update #1

As planned, I started work on the new fly tying station today.  Admittedly, I took full advantage of the fact that my children were both busy at friends houses, and my wife was gracious enough to let me disappear into the garage for the afternoon.

So far, the project is without any major complications, and thus, it is also without any angst or temper tantrums out of me.  Uncharacteristically, I have been taking my time and worked at a much slower pace than usual.  Coincidence that it is also going smoothly?  Probably.

With a little luck, tomorrow I will have it fully assembled, only to take it back apart to put some stain on.  (currently leaning towards a light stain as opposed to a darker color)

I will put up plans later on for anyone who wants to make their own, but given that I am still working out details as I go, all I can offer at this time is a few photos to show off my progress.

Just seeing how things are going to fit

For the most part, still on the original plan

Square risers out, Cylinder risers in.  This is the final layout
With the layout determined and holes drilled, I couldn't help myself and added some tools...
Every good shop has a dog, right?
...and a glimpse at what the finished product should look like

...oh, and by the UPS man hasn't delivered the vise yet.  Pisser.

Till later,


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