Project update #2

I am still making good progress, however today wasn't nearly as smooth as yesterday.

I ran into problems in places that I hadn't anticipated...  Like the very simple task of cutting the dowel rod risers with any kind of clean, square cut.  It shouldn't have been so hard.  And once the damn things were cut, then sanded to my satisfaction, I needed to drill a 1/4" hole through the middle for the hardware.  Again, a relatively simple task became a brutal challenge.  I opted for slop and went bigger with the hole than I needed, to allow for some wiggle room as I slid the bolt down through.

At a point, I decided that I could continue to try and suffer through even more frustration, or be satisfied with what I had.  I chose the latter.  I'm just not confident that these dowels were going to come out any better than they were...and they aren't too bad.  (They are imperfect in places where the imperfections shouldn't be noticeable anyway)

Fortunately, the hardware and method of assembling everything seems to be working as well as I had hoped.

So....I went ahead with the stain.  I am not a woodworker by nature, neither am I terribly patient with things like I went with a stain/finish product.  I don't know if it was the best choice, but so far I like the way it looks.  It is drying now, and hopefully can be assembled tomorrow.

How do you like those not quite round OR centered holes??? 

Next post should be a fully assembled tying station, complete with new vise!

Til later, 


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