Mid winter experiments

I have been playing in the lab with some streamer/woolly bugger/home brew "dunno what they are but I hope they catch fish" patterns.  The woolly buggers turned out pretty good.  I am partial to olive and black for coloring because I have had good luck with those colors.

The first trout I ever caught on a woolly bugger was an olive/black combo, and I am more superstitious than I should be.  I fish them confidently, and I think that makes a difference.  I really do, so I am careful not to get caught without.

Because I have also had good luck with other leech patterns, recently I also started playing with some Estaz dubbing, and kind of like the way it looks.

And finally, lately I have been playing with a new type of yarn that I stumbled across while digging through the local JoAnn Fabric Store.  I have no idea how it will stand up to the rigors of fishing in a real stream, but it looked damn good going back in forth in my fish tank.  As for whether or not it will actually catch fish.....that will remain to be seen.

Even if they don't catch fish...at least they photograph well...
I also have these guys in an all brown version to imitate a leech and an all silver version to act as a small baitfish.  Still working on a name for them.

Til later,


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