Recovery and the optimism that comes with it

I'm able to type tonight thanks to the miracles of modern medicine.  A true blue walking talking tribute to pharmacology. I will spare you most of the gory details of my last few days, but suffice to say that I'm glad to be on the back end of this little episode.

All that down time gives a fella some time to think.  Sorta.   In between whimpering incessantly, shuffling incoherently between the couch and the bed and requiring my wife's constant attention, I thought about fishing.  A LOT.
Time on the computer was limited by the ability to focus my eyes without crying, but when I *WAS* strong enough to hold my own head up, I read a lot of reports from friends and bloggers about the various fly fishing shows they were at.  It sounds like Jonathan of BadAxeDesign did well down in Schaumburg, and the east coast juggernaut of fishermen and bloggers all descended on Somerset New Jersey for the annual show and had a great time.

I'm glad everyone had fun.  Even if I was left on my own...dying.

While online, I also realized that there are so many websites out there devoted to flyfishing that a person could literally peruse a new site or blog every single day of the year. My bookmarks list grew exponentially.

Kinda humbling, really.

I was too weak to actually slip on down to the Lab and work up some flies, navigating stairs in my weakened state would have been an ambulance call just waiting to happen and no one needed that.  But, via all that surfing, I did collect a LONG list of new flies to tie.  Here are two that shot to the top of my short list.  Both are from


Of course, those aren't the only ones...they just happen to be two that caught my eye as I fill my boxes for the impending season. the just over a month away.

A MONTH!  Thank god I got this flu bullshit out of the way....

Oh...and a little PSA from me (and my wife):  If you haven't done it yet...Go get your flu shot.  I didn't get one and paid dearly for it.

Til later,


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